Ask Mama Jenn-continued

Dear Mama Jenn,
I want to breast feed my baby boyfriend. How can I start the production of breast milk? Will this do any harm to me?

Dear Melanie,

Other than enlarging and darkening your aureoles, which happens to all breast feeding mothers, breast-feeding your baby will do you no harm. If you will look in the Babycare Resources section of this Website, you will find my article on how to begin breast-feeding your adult baby.

With Love,
Mama Jenn

Dear mama Jen,
I was surfing through some of the AB chat rooms and met a few people . What worried me was the amount of very vulnerable kids that are finding out that they like wearing daipers and they are quite frankly in rooms that are not safe for them . They are so desparate to be recognized and so frightened of being alone that they are puting themselves in danger ...Surely there is somewhere they can go and still be babies but be safe till they are old enough .

Dear Dksqueegle,

DPF has chat rooms for teen babies. The Teen Forum is open to anyone, BUT with certain restrictions. Check with DPF at for restrictions on their teen chat rooms. Chat rooms and the Internet are inherently dangerous places for teens and Mama can't guarantee their safety anywhere.

Mama Jenn

Mama Jenn,
I wear thick flannel diapers and even though they are super comfortable to wear I get some irritation under the my butt where the diaper rubs and it gets sore. What can I do to prevent the irritation or rubbing. Thanks!
A true diaper lover!

Dear Baby Billy,

Does Baby Billy put on clean dypees every day or does he wear the same cloth diaper for weeks? You might be allergic to your perspiration! Babies get rashes too if they wear the same clothes day after day in warm weather. Wear a clean diaper every time.

Have you tried using a perfume-free detergent like Wisk(r) and an enzymatic stain remover like Biz(r)? Fabric softeners for diapers should be avoided because they leave an anti-moisture absorbent film on the fibers of the fabric.

Are your diapers too tight? It sounds like they may be, since you talk about them rubbing. If so, you may need larger diapers.

Are you perfectly clean after a diaper change or session on the potty? Baby wipes will help get your bottom really clean and a bit of baby lotion might help keep the skin moist. A cornstarch based baby powder will help reduce friction.

Mama's advice is
1. A clean diaper at every wearing
2. Perfume-free detergents and non-irritating enzymatic stain removers (NO BLEACH!)
3. Loose diapers
4. Baby wipes, lotion and powder

If these don't help, write me again so I can help you with your rash.
Hugs and Kisses,
Mama Jenn

Dear mama Jen,
I have been trying to wet my bed for a long time and it still hasn't happened. I always wake up and wet. I wear diapers for most of the day and use them whenever I have to. Is there anything else I can do? This has been going on for months.

Dear Trying,

Have you made a pee-pee in your diaper the first time you feel the urge, or have you been holding back? Possibly a sleep-inducer like a noise machine that makes the sound of a waterfall all night might help. Have you tried eating lots of watermelon (a natural diuretic) before going to sleep? Have you tried taking an antihistamine like Benadryl (25mg to 100mg) on the eve before you are off work to make you so drowsy that you won't wake before you pee?

Hugs and Kisses,
Mama Jenn

Hey there Mama Jenn!
I shave myself and I like wearing disposable diapers because they feel good on a clean shaven area. I feel like a bad person for doing this and I don't like feeling this way about it because I enjoy it so much. What can I do to not feel so guilty about my actions? Are there other straight males or even females that like to do this? Am I the only one? Please help.

Dear Scott,

It is very common for both male and female AB/DLs to shave their pubic area because of the pleasant feeling of a diaper on smooth skin and to make it easier to clean up during a diaper change. The best way not to feel guilty is to realize that not only is it common and harmless practice, but that it promotes cleanliness and reduces body odor..

Let's say for a moment that you liked bubble baths instead of showers. Most American men prefer to take showers rather than baths. Should you feel guilty if you enjoyed the sensuous feeling of taking a bubble bath rather than a shower? Certainly not! Bubble baths feel good and promote cleanliness just as shaving does for diaper wearers. The fact that few men take baths instead of showers doesn't make it wrong or weird. Many competition male swimmers not only shave their pubes but their arms, chest and legs as well! They don't feel guilty about shaving and neither should you!

Don't worry about it, Sweetie. Enjoy yourself and don't worry about what others do or don't do. There is nothing to feel guilty about. Hugs and Kisses,
Mama Jenn

Mama Jenn:
My girlfriend made me wear a diaper to bed a couple of weeks and now I can't go with out them. I am messing in the day too. I like them soo much. Is it wrong for me to want her to wear them too.. and my sister diapers me sometimes. She sneeks feels in there too.. I like those too.. what should I do?

Dear Pat,

As long as your girlfriend is agreeable, there is nothing wrong with her wearing diapers as well. I am a bit concerned about your relationship with your sister, however. Under certain circumstances it is okay for her to diaper you, but sneaking feels in your diaper by your sister is not a good idea. While diapering itself is not overtly sexual, groping you is perilously close to incest. Your girlfriend is a more appropriate mommy figure for you.

Hugs and Kisses,
Mama Jenn

Mama Jenn,
Again,no question but some comments. I have written to you before,and I have read the other comments made by other abs. And the one thing they all have in common is the fact that you respond with so much love and affection,no matter what we write. Its unconditional,and something I appreciate so much.I dont know you,and you dont know me,but I feel you understand us.God bless you.


That's what Mommies and their Babies are all about; unconditional love. Adult Babies need unconditional love as much as they need food and drink. The diapers, the binkies, the plastic pants are only props for the play between the baby and his mother of complete surrender and unconditional acceptance and love.

Hugs and Kisses!
Mama Jenn

Mommie Jenn
I have a Mommie that lives far away but when she says things that she will do they dont happen should I just let it go I love her so much but they seem like lies
thank you
baby kenny

Dearest Baby Kenny,

Sometimes Mommy's say things that they really mean to do, but find later that they can't do because of unforeseen problems. If you love your Mommy you should forget about the promises that she doesn't keep. Also, sometimes Mommies tell their babies little white lies (like promising that they are going to buy a pony for their baby) to make their babies happy. While Mama doesn't agree with this approach to babycare, she understands why some Mommies do it.

Hugs and Kisses,
Mama Jenn

Mama Jenn,
I like to wear diapers but I have a boyfriend and I do not know how to tell him. I would like to be able to wear diapers around him and have him feed me and change me too. But I am afriad to tell him. please help.

Dear Princess,
Does your boyfriend ever hold you on his lap and cuddle you? If that's possible, than it should be easy to talk him into the next step. Even if you can't sit on his lap, cuddle next to him and nestle your head against his shoulder and occasionally make baby talk. Rent a movie like the Lion King or Pocahontas and watch them with him. Make sure that there are plenty of snacks to keep him happy. Then have an "accident" in your pants. Look down at the wet spot on your jeans and say something like, "Ut oh!", then say in an innocent tone, "I made a wettie in my panties! Can you help me into something dry, Daddy?"

Then ask him to help you to the bedroom where you have a clean diaper and baby powder ready as well as a baby-doll pajamas. Let him disrobe and diaper you, then insist that he help you into your pjs. Once diapered and placed into baby doll pjs, go back to watching the movie with his hand on your diapered bottom.. Once he starts diapering you, feeding will follow naturally.

Love and Kisses,
Mama Jenn

Dear Momma Jenn,
What I am about to say is the honest truth. When I was younger I was treated as a baby. What I mean is that my parents (Very Loving)didn't want me to grow up it seemed. I can remember from age 4 on and recall being treated like a baby. At age 4 I had a baby brother and we were treated the same. I remember still being in diapers when he was potty trained at age 5 and mom refusing to train me. I was going to a home school that my mom's best friend had started and was in that school until I was sent to regular cathloic school for grade 7 to 12. I remember that day well. I was excited to finally go to a normal school but hated that I still wore a diaper and onesie under the uniform. I then learned that the school nurse was my baby sitter, another friend of my moms. It wasn't until then also that I finally left the crib and was given a regular toddler bed. My room still to date is set up the same as it was back then. I wore diapers ,had no real friends, and was always introduced to my moms friends who almost always had a baby in the family and I was always told to play with them, even when I was 18. I was always laughed at and made fun of. I got baby toys on holidays and birthdays and can remember summer days wearing only diapers while outside playing when I was a teen. At age 21 I moved out and set out on my own. I find it difficult to date to keep my daytime underpants dry and always wet at night. I have agreed to allow myself diapers at night but each time think about the past as I put them on myself. During the day I have the same feelings and unless I don't know where the bathrooms are I'll wear a diaper. I so despretly want to rid of diapers but have a stong desire to relive the past sometimes. I am really confused. can you plaes help me understand. I still talk with my parents and they have said things about the past and comment on how wonderfully I have grown but then my mom always lov pats my bottom whispering ,but we still wet the bed right baby. This is embarrassing and humiliating. I tell her to stop and she always puts that ,Don't disrespect, look in her eye. I just don't know what to do. Sometimes I want to go back other times I want to just be free of diapers but each night it all comes back. I am now 34 years old and not married because of this. I don't really have friends. I kind of single myself away and work. Please help. Thank You.

Dearest Alex,

Mama Jenn has heard of other cases like yours, but has never had a person with your sort of experiences email her.

You are in a terrible fix which is not of your own making. Mama feels a tremendous amount of sympathy for you. Yes, you can learn to train your bladder so you can stay dry day and night. Mama wishes to tell you that it will take some time, since your potty training has been so long delayed. First of all, you need professional counseling immediately. This is not because you have been bad or wrong thinking, but because you have been subjected to long-term abuse from your family. It's not your fault babykins, but the fault of your parents. Please don't feel guilty about something that you can't control!

If you don't want to be an adult baby, than there is no reason for you to suffer by being made to be something that you are not. An individual may make a life choice to be an adult baby, but it seems that your parents removed the choice from you. Mama believes that in your case, both medical and psychological intervention will be absolutely necessary. Please seek professional help as soon as possible.

There is a self-help AB Reform Support Group on the Web that is extremely anti-AB. Mama recommends it only after you are in treatment, because they may give you some emotional support to help you become what you want to be. The URL is:

Note: Mama wishes to tell all of her other babies who enjoy being babies that the above Website is EXTREMELY intolerant of adult babies who don't wish to change. Babies may be attacked on a very personal level or for religious reasons that have little to no support in Biblical Scripture. In Mama's personal opinion, this group has succumbed to the early guilt feelings engendered by the jeers and fears of other small children who feared their own needs to want to return to babyhood during early childhood and that this group as a whole inflicts their frustrations upon anyone who doesn't support their agenda. The Website listed above IS NOT to be used to seek love and affection as an adult baby!

Mama is so sorry to hear of your difficulties and how you were abused as a child. Many ABs have had the same experiences but decided to remain ABs. In your case, like all of her babies, Mama wants you to be able to live the life that you want, rather than what was programmed into you.

Lastly Alex, Mama wants to tell you that she loves you as a person whether you are an AB or not. This Website was created to help ABs accept their themselves and be happy and not to force them to change into something that they don't want to be. Because Mama loves all of her babies, she wants you to be happy with yourself.

Good luck, Sweetiepie and if you can't manage the change, please come back to me for help in accepting yourself!

With Love, Hugs and Kisses,
Mama Jenn

mama jenn
what would i have to do to find a mommy who would treat me like I am a newborn baby
baby matt

Dearest Baby Matt,

Most Mommy's of Adult Baby's seem to like caring for babies that are older than newborns, so finding a Mommy will be a bit harder.

Pumpkin, if you are any size at all, it will be impossible for Mommy to carry you around and cuddle you completely in her arms like a newborn. (Remember that a newborn is about seven and one-half pounds and about twenty inches long. The average adult male at eighteen is about one hundred sixty pounds and around seventy inches long.) As a newborn, you won't be able to creep or crawl on the floor or do any form of communicating other than a mewl or a pule. You won't be able to say any words or even make any consonant sounds. Only non-glottal vowel sounds will be available to you. Usually newborns don't even cry loudly, they just whimper softly. You won't even be able to turn over in your crib or even suck your toes! Other than sucking on your fingers, only toy that you will have will be a mobile hung high above your head so your hands can't reach it. Can you imagine what being an adult-newborn baby 24/7 would do to you? Mama can!

An average newborn spends sixteen hours of the day sleeping, three hours of the day being breast or bottle fed at regular intervals, two hours of the day staring vacantly and silently off into space, two and one-half hours getting changed (Their wet diapers are changed an average of eight to as many as fourteen times a day. Breastfed newborns have non-smelly poopies every one to three days.) and one-half hour being bathed. Baby should note that a newborn only has a possible waking contact time with his Mommy for six hours a day, spread through a twenty-four hour interval. Oftentimes, the time shared with Mommy is really less, because babies' wet diapers are changed while he is sleeping and he never truly wakes up before being tucked back into his bed to sleep. Similarly, he may be roused to a point of half-sleep to be fed and then be put back into his crib or bassinet to continue his slumber. A newborn baby isn't fully aware of somewhere between a third to one half of his breast or bottle feedings or the diaper changes because he is half-asleep. This reduces the possible waking contact time with his Mommy from six hours a day to between three to four hours.

Since we are talking about an adult baby whose development is frozen in time, rather than a physiological baby who grows and gets older, this existence would not change from day-to-day, month-to-month or year-to-year. Time would pass as baby slept away his life, with every day being exactly like the last. His poopies would be small and infrequent and all hope of return to continence would disappear. His mind would slowly dim as the adult patterns of his life were overwritten by the lack of change and communication.

An adult-newborn Mommy's loving care would keep him from gong insane, but his vocabulary would shrink with every passing day until the first words he had ever spoken were gone forever. His former memories of being a child, pre-adolescent, teenager and adult would be meaningless to him as his memory of speech disappeared. His daily two hours of vacuous stare would be truly vacuous, without thought or emotion. He would be at peace with the world, but it would be the peace or solace of Nepenthe; that of total forgetfulness without an intelligent mind to give him the slightest tinge of psychological pleasure or pain. His eyes would ceaselessly pan the ceiling and walls without understanding or recognition of what he mindlessly scanned to give him the pleasure of sight of the objects, shapes and colors that came into his brain.

He would only be able to emote and dimly remember the sensations and primitive emotions caused by his daily feedings and diaper changes. The sameness of his life would dull and then shut down the long-term memory producing section of his Hypocampus. When the meanings of his words were lost, so would the pleasure of wetting and messing his diapers as an adult baby be forgotten. Being wet and dirty would be normal for him. If his Mommy gave him Nullo(r) tablets with every feeding, there would not even be a bad smell in his nursery to evoke former memories when he pooped.

Just as a newborn's conception of himself is merely an extension of his the reality of his Mommy presence, so too would an adult-newborn baby's conception of itself disappear into the reality of his Mommy when she was there with him. The adult-newborn baby's life only would consist of the few hours of wakefulness when he was being fed or changed by his Mommy. His Mommy would become an integral part of his existence to the point that the baby's ego would disappear into the greater wordless experience of being mere moments of the Mommy/baby experience. Without speech or differences, long term memories would not form and there would only be a vague sense of remembrance of extreme pleasure as Mommy approached each time to feed or change him.

Honeybunch, being an adult-newborn baby full-time is not like being a one-year-old or a two-year-old adult baby or toddler. For an adult baby, being a newborn 24/7 is a form of ego death, just as the same period is the time for ego awakening for a physiological baby. Is that what Honeybunch really wants? Perhaps what you really want is to be breast-fed. That's more doable, Sweetiepie, and much more healthy psychologically. Breastfeeding is fun for both Mommy and baby!

Sugar, your *special* needs will require a *special* Mommy. As always, Darling, in cases like this, Mama recommends that you place ads on a number of AB personals boards, such as ours, the one on DPF and on Big Baby's Website. She also recommends that you join DPF's Babyclub, since they have the world's largest listing of personal AB ads (which are published in both their newsletter and secure online area). You'll need to get your ads out to as many possible Mommies as possible to find one that can meet your needs.

When you do meet your prospective Mommy for the first time, be "squeaky" clean and make sure that you've dusted yourself with baby powder so you will have the aroma of a newborn. Use Nullo(r) tablets for several days in a row so that if you have an accidental little baby fart, it won't be stinky like older babies' farts.

With hope that you will find exactly the right kind of loving Mommy for you,
Mama Jenn

me sowwy, mommie,
I made a mistake in my last question. It should've said "She split...." How did mommie know that I needed to nurture the little child in me. I need all the huggings and lovings I can receive. Wish you were really here to do that for me.

Dearest Inky,

Don't worry your little head about making a boo-boo in your letter. Mama expects babies to make little boo-boos from time-to-time. Babies are allowed to make boo-boos, it's okay. Besides, Mama knew what you meant.

Mama knew that you need to nurture the little child in you because all adult babies need to take care of the baby within them. When you asked Mama whether you should just give up and be a responsible adult, Mama knew that you were thinking about shutting the baby in you out of your life. Yes, Sweetie, you do need all the lovings and huggings you can get. So do we all! Biggg HUG and Kiss from Mama
Mama Jenn

Hi Mama Jenn
your the greatest and nice website but i was wondering my strict nurse girlfriend gives mea b-12 shot every week and takes my rectal temperature every morning and she owns 4 different nurse uniform and caps and i was wondering I like to be the baby patient sometimes but how do i tell her she is going overboard and can u tell me if it is good to get your rectal temp took every day
i hope u can help
love,baby j.d

Dear Baby J.D.,

Anal thermometers won't hurt you unless you wiggle and break them inside of you. To be on the safe side, go to a large pet or animal feed store and buy a standard veterinary thermometer for large animals. They look just like a baby thermometer, only they are longer (~5" as opposed to 3.5") and a bit thicker, so they don't break as easily. They also closely simulate the feeling that a baby has when his temperature taken with a standard rectal thermometer because they are scaled larger and fit an adult baby's bottom better. Petsmart carries them and they can be ordered from the Web.

Be honest with your girlfriend, tell her how much you enjoy being her baby patient, but you'd like to try being her baby boy on occasion too. She might be thinking that you prefer having a nurse rather than a Mommy, so you need to be careful and not hurt her feelings. On the other hand, she might enjoy playing the nurse roll instead of being a Mommy. Either way, asking her to play Mommy on occasion will let you see how she feels about the change in roles.

Have fun, Sweetheart! It sounds like you have a very understanding and loving girlfriend.

Love and Kisses,
Mama Jenn

Dear Mama Jenn
This is not a question or necessarily for poeting, but I want to say that you are absolutely INCREDIBLE! You are the most insightful commentator, from my BABY point of view, that I have ever seen--and I have been around sine the beginning of the Internet. Just a word of encouragement to let you know that you are so important to all of us that are really babies somewhere inside (and NOT sexually driven in this part of our lives). Much Love (in all its innocence). PS I'm glad you got back on line--I asked Tommy to help

Darling Mickey,

What a nice thing to say to someone! Thank you, Sweetie! Mama takes that as a sincere compliment! Babylover(the webmaster and Jacky's mommy) deserves the compliments for getting the site back online. It was a lot of work and I appreciate the opportunity to be able to listen to everyone's problems and hopefully, help a little. I think Babylover deserves a big baby hurray for all of her work!

You are very welcome, Pumpkin! It's my pleasure to be back again.

Love and Kisses,
Mama Jenn

Not a question, but a statement,you seem to know so much about abs. I went thru a time when I decided that what I was doing was wrong. And so I got rid of all my baby stuff.I now regret it. I still feel guilty about the feelings I have.I wish there was a cure for this.So I could be normal.I have dreams about being a baby.That tells me that something is just not right with me. oh well.I really like this site.


Many ABs go through periods of intense guilt and quit playing baby for awhile, but their inner need is so deep that they virtually always return to baby play. Some doctors have said that they can cure infantilism, but their treatment really consists of chemical castration. It doesn't do a thing for the inner child who longs to be a baby again.

Hypothetically, just what is normal? If everyone was normal, we'd all make "C"s in every class at school and in college, and none of us would have any outstanding talents. Everyone would wear the same clothes, like the same music, books and movies and have the same I.Q. What a perfectly boring and drab world that would be!

Just what is so very different about an adult man who is an AB? Let's see, a "normal" American man likes women's breasts and enjoys sucking on them. ABs do too! A "normal" American man likes to watch football and drink beer, and many ABs do too! A "normal" American man likes to be babied when he's sick. An AB likes to be babied all the time. "Normal" American men would rather have their dirty underwear washed by their wives or girlfriends, and so do ABs. Wives pick up after their husbands and Mommies pickup after their babies. Mama fails to see the practical difference.

Are you aware that there have been studies done with patients in hospitals where they gave adults teddy bears to cuddle and sleep with? They discovered that the patients suffered from less pain, less depression and got more rest if they had teddy bears. Hospital stays for recuperation were shortened by a significant fraction. That implies that its "normal" to sleep better with a teddy bear. Honey, the need to cuddle something warm at night is hard-wired into the human genome. The need to be loved and be comforted is hard-wired as well. ABs have a need to return to a time of unconditional love and acceptance. Now tell me, just what is so wrong about that?

Honey, there really isn't all that much difference between the two. An AB is more honest about his feelings instead of hiding his feelings from himself like a "normal" man. There is nothing wrong with you. You just have slightly different needs, that's all. If you were "normal" you'd feel more secure because you'd be part of the crowd. Mama is pleased that you like our site, but she thinks that you are being too hard on yourself. You are taking an arbitrary psychological template and berating yourself because you weren't cut to the average "pattern". Rejoice in the differences that give you pleasure. Being an AB isn't sinful, nor does it harm anyone except by the self-guilt that a man imposes on himself.

Good luck, Sweetheart! Mama loves you!
Mama Jenn

Mama Jenn,
I need to know if I am sane or not, I like to be treated as a 6-month old baby, I love wearing diapers and use them for there intended purpose. I like to drink formula and eat strained baby-food most of the time, is this hurting me?

Dearest Minfant,

Infantilism is considered by the APA (American Psychological Association) to be a harmless psychological variation which is not symptomatic of psychosis. In other words, Honey, it's okay and you aren't crazy. As to whether it's hurting you, Mama would have to ask you a few questions. Does it depress you? If so, seek psychological counseling to help you accept it.

If you don't have incurable diaper rash, the diapers aren't hurting you.

As for the formula and strained baby food diet, the answer to your question would depend on a number of factors. Have you been losing or gaining a substantial amount of weight since beginning the baby food and formula diet? Do you feel tired all the time? Are you extremely susceptible to viruses and infections? Are your cholesterol or triglyceride levels too high? Is your blood sugar too high or low? Is your sodium level too high or low? Do you suffer from any diseases like hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia or diabetes? If the answer to these questions is no, then your diet is probably okay. Are you taking a good multivitamin every day? Baby food is very heavily skewed towards vegetables, cereals and fruits. Government funded studies have produced a suggested diet for adults which suggests that adults should get the majority of their nutrition from those three sources along with milk and milk products. They also suggest that Americans have too much fat and animal protein in their diet. Baby food is fairly low in fats and in animal proteins. If your diet worries you, drink a can of high protein Ensure from a baby bottle every day.

Mama can't tell if your diet is sufficient, because she doesn't know what you eat or how much you eat as well as your level of activity and your body size. In general, playing baby is not harmful and can have many psychological benefits for those people with an emotional need to be an adult baby. Don't worry your little head about playing baby, Honeybun! Everyone needs to escape from the pressures of adult life in some way. Infantilism is not physically unhealthy like heavy drinking and drug abuse. It doesn't expose you to diseases like AIDS, which frequent sex contact with strangers would. It's not harmful to other people. In short, Sweetheart, it's medically safe, psychologically harmless as well as being both ethically and morally neutral.

Have fun with your diapers and bottles, Sweetiepie!
With Love and Kisses,
Mama Jenn

Hello Mama Jenn!
I am a Bedwetter and wearin diapers only at nights,since I am 6 years old.I like to wearing diapers today.My cloth diapers are of an american.manufacturer and very thick(birdseye and 3 layers terrycloth)They were recommended to me for the night.I look for a comfortable foldingmethod,which one spreads the legs little.They also recommend a folding method(around 90 degrees shifts).This doesn't works with this thick diaper.Where can I order Snappy Diaper Fastener in adult sizes?With pins I am not satisfied.These very thick terry diapers also are used in (normal) care or nursing homes,or they are only for the fetish market?
thank you
Bedwetter Franz

Dear Franz,

Mama Jenn has just finished a new diaper folding article which should be posted soon. Mama is familiar with the 90 degree twist method and agrees that it might not work well with extremely thick diapers.

Mama doesn't know where to purchase Snappi Diaper Fasteners in adult sizes, but if she does find them, she will post them. The only ads she's ever seen for them says "one size fits all" which probably means that they don't make them in adult sizes. Mama has another article on Emergency Babycare Solutions for Adult Babies" which explains how to make a substitute for a Snappi fastener. Mama's other article has instructions on how to sew Velcro (r) fasteners on diapers, either of these solutions may be the answer to your problems.

Generally, adult-sized diapers are not produced for the fetish market. Since the First World population is living longer because of medical advances, there is a growing need for incontinence products of all types.

Love and Kisses,
Mama Jenn

Dear Mama Jenn:
I love being a baby just once in a while. I do it because it really relieves the daily stress of my job and life. I love to be powdered and diapered and bottle-fed. I always notice that most ABs want to do it almost all the time. I could get by once or even twice a month. Do you think it would be easier finding a female sitter this way? Do you think I am a real AB since I just like it once in a while?

Dearest Mikey,

If you want to be babied; that is, bottle-fed and diapered as well as comforted and coddled like an infant or toddler for any length of time, whether for an hour, a month or every two months, you are a real AB. Most ABs dream of being a baby 24/7, but that is only a fantasy. Some manage it, but most don't. Some of them would be supremely happy to be babies 25/7 and some would hate it. ABs often go through periods of their lives where they feel like they need daily comfort and love and then have periods lasting months where they are very comfortable as full-time adults and don't have a need to play baby. (Sometimes they become so guilty that they throw away all of their baby things only to need them in a month or so. Mama recommends that any AB who has decided to "reform" him or herself, should keep their baby things packed up and available for at least six months for that reason.) The needs of each baby is individual to each person and frequently changes for an individual as their life and psychological needs change.

Yes, less frequent needs for a babysitter would make finding one easier.

Love and Kisses,
Mama Jenn

Dear Mama,
I want to be swaddelt as thick as possible. How can i mention it. i want to wear plastic panties and pampers.
Can you help me?

Dear Thickswaddeltbaby,

If thick swaddling is what you want, Mama suggests using a several layers of adult cloth diapers. Unless you are very small, Pampers(r) won't fit you. If you are willing to try Huggies, there is an article on a method to make them fit larger waist sizes on DPF's Website at:

DPF and a number of other sites on the Web supply plastic pants in adult sizes.

If you must have Pampers(r), then a costume company at supplies a diaper that they describe as adult Pampers(r) for 4.95 each. Proctor and Gamble have steadfastly refused to make an adult-sized Pamper because they say that there isn't a large enough market for them.

Love and Kisses,
Mama Jenn

Dear Mama Jenn
Here I am fresh from a divorce 1.5 away from it. He split due to my love of ab/dl side of me and, obviously, not fulfilling her physical needs. One of the down falls was heavily getting onto the internet. Now here I am 1.5 years later and I am much worse at doing what ended our marriage and no better off either. I don't know if I should just give into my desire and need to be diapered and wearing sleepers or should I give it all up and just be a responsible adult? Life is very frustrating for me and don't know where to turn at the moment. Thanks for your response
Inky Wonky

Dearest Baby Inky,

Some of what you wrote is very confusing to Mama, so she will have to make certain assumptions where she might be wrong. You talk about "He" splitting the love affair because you didn't meet "her" needs. Gay marriages have only been allowed in one state and then less than one and one half years and yet you speak of divorce one and one half years ago. Mama must assume that you were married to a woman and that she left you. Is Mama right?

Since you are not with Mama to answer her questions, Mama would like to play a "pretend" game with you. Mama will ask questions and try to guess your answers. If Mama is wrong, you can always respond and correct any misunderstandings. Is that alright, Honeybunch?

Mama: When you were very young and just out of diapers, did you swipe some diapers or plastic pants from a neighbor's clothesline so you could pretend to be a baby again? Or did you buy or shoplift diapers and plastic pants when you were a pre-teenager? Mama has heard it all before from other babies, so there is no reason to feel guilty about things that you felt compelled to do in your dim past.

Mama: Before you were married, did Baby Inky have any fantasies about being a baby or sometimes pretend to be a baby again? Come on now, it's not naughty to be truthful, did you pretend to be a baby by using a towel as a diaper when you were a teenager or even younger?

Mama: Oh dear, I guess you want to think about that question for a while, don't you? Well, that's okay, Mama is patient. May Mama ask if you fantasized about your former wife being your Mommy at times? Ohhh, by the expression on your face Mama can see that you are not sure about answering that question either.

Mama: Well, Darling, that's okay. Let's get down to your feelings now. You really want to wear diapers and sleepers, don't you, Pumpkin? You are now all alone and want something to make you feel warm and secure like when you were a little baby, don't you, Sweetie? It's not wrong to feel that way, Sugarplum! Everyone needs a little love and comfort sometimes. Why don't you buy yourself a teddy bear too, so you can have something to cuddle in the night? It's okay. Does baby pay his bills on time and work hard at his job? Well then, Inky is a responsible adult! Can't Inky be both a responsible adult and an adult baby at the same time? Most adult babies manage it, and Mama thinks that you can too!

Mama: Poor darling, Mama knows that if you let yourself go, you would just cry and cry. It's okay to cry, Honeybun! Let it all out. Wear your diapers and pee while you cry. Drum your heels angrily on the floor before you as you sit on it in your wet diapers and throw a tantrum if it makes you feel better. It's okay.You're allowed to behave like a baby in the privacy of your apartment or home.

Mama: Inky baby, everyone has both a little child and an adult in them. To be a responsible adult, the parent in you must love and nurture the frightened, lonely baby inside of you. If one of you shuts out the other, you may become sick. Mama doesn't want her baby to be sick. The baby in you should love and cherish the parent in you and the parent in you must love and care for the baby in you. You cannot divide yourself and choose one part over the other.

Love and Kisses,
Mama Jenn

my mommie says I am constipated.She said I probably will need several treatments and she said she would be using olive oil. Can you tell me how this works?

Dear Baby Lynnie,

Olive oil works just like mineral oil as a laxative. If olive oil is taken by mouth, the oil surrounds food that are becoming your poopies when they are inside of you and helps keeps them soft by not allowing your body to take the water out of them. Mainly though, the oil acts as a lubricant to help your hard, dry poopies in your lower tummy slip out. You have a very wise and considerate Mommy. The olive oil is non-fattening, non-toxic, and is very gentle on baby's tummy. Oils like castor oil are very, very irritating and cause very painful cramps. Herbs like Senna are also very irritating and cause painful cramps. Mama Jenn never, ever, gives castor oil or senna to her baby!

If baby's poopies are really hard and dry, sometimes a warm olive oil enema will help them come out.

Olive oil cannot be used with Ducolax because Ducolax is a detergent that breaks up fats and oils so water can penetrate the poopies and make them nice and soft. Milk of Magnesia changes the salt balance in your lower tummy and stops them from taking the water out of your poopies too! If the olive oil doesn't work, Mama would suggest a large dose of Ducolax and if that doesn't work, two to three tablespoons of Milk of Magnesia ought to do the trick. Milk of Magnesia can be combined with olive oil to act as a lubricant. If your Mommy decides to use both, she should have lots and lots of clean diapees on hand, as well as a number of baby bottles filled with Pedilyte to keep you from becoming dehydrated, because you will probably get diarrhea and not be able to stop pooping for most of a day.

Love and Kisses,
Mama Jenn

Hello mama jenn,
i am a 25 yr old male who has more or less a diaper fetish. i am so glad first of all, that i found this site. i thought up until now, i was the only one with these fantasies. it is great and relieving to know that there are hundreds of others that share these similar fantisies and fetishes. i do have a problem though. i like to baby my girlfriend, she isn't comfortable with it. she doesn't mind it so much as far as wetting, although the bulky diapers are uncomfortable to her, but that's what satifies my fantasy. she does it more just to please me. she is epyleptic, when she has a siezure she has an accident. so she is not fully against it for one. and somewhat used to it, but she still only does this against her wishes when she is not having a siezure. and i can't get her to make a poopie in it at any costs. i do love her and love babying her. i don't want to resort to finding someone else to satisfy my fetish, how can i change her mind? after reading quite a few of letters and responses i feel confident that you will have some great suggestions to keep both her and i happy together.

Dearest Baby Byrd,

Mama Jenn is very sorry, but she cannot comply with your request. Before you get angry and throw a childish temper tantrum, allow Mama to explain why she can't. Your girlfriend is epileptic and has to endure episodes of complete helplessness when she has a Grand Mal seizure. Wetting herself during a seizure is extremely embarrassing for her, rather than something that she can control and take pleasure in. For her, the thought of uncontrollably messing herself like a baby must be her worst nightmare. A Grand Mal seizure is like becoming a temporary baby with no warning, control or memory of the event. The seizures probably frighten her very deeply. Mama had one trauma-induced Grand Mal seizure in her life and experienced waking up on the floor of a hospital hall and the subsequent embarrassment of wetting herself uncontrollably and thoroughly in front of strangers as she returned to normalcy.

Mama is very surprised that she agreed to wear and wet diapers for you at all. She must love you very much! If she doesn't want to poop in diapers, she shouldn't be cajoled into doing something that offends her and makes her unhappy. Adults should play baby because they have a need and take pleasure in regressing, and not be forced or coerced into regressive behavior.

You wouldn't like it if she demanded that you give up your diaper fetish, would you? If you really love her, you will accept her emotional limitations just as willingly as she has lovingly bowed to your fantasies. Be kind to her, because she has made a great effort to please you at the expense of her own comfort and her self-image. If you really want to baby her, be considerate of her feelings just as a good Daddy would be considerate of the fears and feelings of his beloved baby girl.

Mama finds your implicit threat to leave her because she won't poop on command for you to be absolutely astonishing! Only a truly callow and self-centered man would abandon her because she can't bring herself to degrade herself to worthlessness in her own eyes by messing in a diaper for you! Perhaps it is better if you left her, so she could find a man who is worthy enough for her love and understanding kindness. It is obvious that you were not worthy of her love at the moment that you wrote your request to Mama!

Mama thinks that you should sit down and think long and hard about your fantasies and how cruel you are being to someone who loves you dearly. Mama hopes that you will understand and not hurt the woman who obviously loves you so deeply. Mess your own diapers if you will, but don't ask her to mess herself and thus destroy her last shred of self-respect for the sake of your personal fetish, please?

With Abiding Love and Hope,
Mama Jenn

dear mama jenn,
I discovered that i am not the only adult baby on the world, just a month ago. I read your tales and i found them excellent. Also, i appreciate your maternal mode answering questions. my own question is the following: did you really enjoy being a mommie, or is a special concession that you give to your husband? i begin to desire, for the very first time on my life, wait for somebody like you. I think that mommieīs role is so hard. Thatīs the reason i imagine that itīs impossible for a real woman enjoy at the same level as the baby this lovely game of infantilism.
i beg your pardon because my awful english.I am from Uruguay and i just speak spanish.
Thankīs for your wonderful page, your inteligence and for allow me to dream on the possibilitie of a woman in my life that fills all my needs.
Give you a hug.

Dear Tzadquiel,

I enjoy mothering my baby boy and have a number of online friends who enjoy mothering their adult baby boys too. The mommy of an adult baby does not enjoy mothering in exactly the same way that she would a physiological baby, but she doesn't have most of the downsides of caring for a physiological baby, such as chicken pox (and other childhood diseases), having her baby cry and scream all night long, having to get up every two to four hours to feed her baby, baby spitting up, having to pick up her baby when her back hurts, having her hair pulled and being poked in the eye, trying to find (and keep) babysitters, paying huge amounts of money for child care services, not being able to find out what is bothering her baby, being stuck all day in the house with no one to talk to but the baby. worrying about whether the baby will get into the household chemicals stored under the kitchen sink and poison himself, etc., etc., etc. If baby is very, very naughty, she can spank him as needed without having to worry that "Child Protective Services" will come and take her baby away from her permanently.

Women, Mommies and babies of all ages loved to be cuddled and to cuddle, but men usually don't like to cuddle for very long. Most ABs don't sit on the couch all Saturday and Sunday watching sports. They may sit on the floor in front of the TV in their diapers watching cartoons on Saturday mornings, though. Men can be frightening and uncommunicative with their wives, but adult babies tend to be vulnerable and sweet around their Mommies. Adult babies don't stay out all night drinking and playing poker with the "boys" and/or running around with other women. An adult baby is utterly loyal to his wife/Mommy. Adult babies aren't wife beaters or child molesters. They can be as sweet and as adorable as any baby and can instantly return to adulthood should the need arise.

Yes, adult babies' diapers are bigger, but they tend to pee less often and require fewer diaper changes. If the house catches fire, they can get up and run for themselves. Adult babies can pick up their toys after they are finished playing with them so Mommy doesn't have to do it. Adult babies don't scream in a high pitched tones that can shatter plate glass at fifty paces. If adult babies need something, they can ask for it in a pleasing, quiet voice using baby talk.

I guess the hardest physical labor in being a Mommy to an adult baby is lifting an adult baby's legs for a diaper change. But a smart Mommy will have her baby put a large steel eye screw into a ceiling joist above the foot of the changing table when he's in adult mode and connect an inexpensive small two block tackle system (paired sets of pulleys) to the eye screw. This gives Mommy a four-to-one mechanical advantage. In other words, a 160 pound man could be lifted with the same strength that a 40 lb. older toddler/preschooler could be lifted and lifting his legs would take proportionally less (about 1/3) of the strength needed to lift the entire body. In this example, about 10 1/3 lbs. If a cleat to secure the rope is mounted to the foot of the changing table, all Mommy has to do is lift, secure the rope and get on with the diaper change. When the Mommy of a physiological baby changes her baby boy's diaper, she must hang on to his ankles and change his diaper one-handed. Moreover, the Mommy of an adult baby will never HAVE to lift his entire weight, he can get on the changing table himself!

The wife/Mommy occupies a different position in the household than a regular housewife. When hubby is in baby mode, she makes all the decisions. In time, she may begin making all the household decisions all the time, whether her husband is in baby mode or not if she is inclined to dominate. She can say, "That's enough, Sweetheart, get out of your diapers and get dressed, we're going out to dinner tonight!" Can mothers of physiological babies say, "I'm tired of being a Mommy. Grow up for awhile and be a man for the rest of the evening, you can be a baby again tomorrow!" or "I'm going out with the girls for the evening."You've had your bath and your nite-nite ba-ba is in the refrigerator. I'll be late coming home. I expect to see baby sound asleep in his crib when I get home. Come here baby and let Mommy give you your goodnight kiss before she leaves!"? Of course not!

Being a Mommy to an adult baby is a bit more work than being a wife, but not that much more. Whether a husband is a man or a baby, both diapers and underwear have to be washed and oftentimes the stains are exactly the same in either. (Although a Mommy can put her baby in disposables when he comes home from work and radically cut down on the number of underwear that she has to wash. If baby starts wearing diapers 24/7, she may not have to wash his underwear at all!) If baby is a heavy night wetter, than Mommy will probably have to wash the crib sheets and baby's nightclothes each morning, but baby can help mommy by stripping the crib and carrying his wet things to the laundry room himself after his diaper change.

Heating jarred baby food and preparing formula is faster than cooking a full meal and the bottles for adult babies don't have to be sterile. Bathing is a chore, but the baby can get into the tub and out by himself and Mommy doesn't have to worry about him drowning if she needs to leave him alone in the tub to answer a telephone call. Changing diapers doesn't take that much time. It all tends to even out in the end.

Having said all that, what is the worse problem that adult baby men have in finding Mommies? Well, Sweetheart, the answer is that the majority of people have a little child in them that wants to be cared for by a parent figure of the opposite sex. Women often marry a men who are like their fathers in the same way that men frequently marry women who are like their mothers. A woman wants a strong protective male husband to protect and take care of her. (An idealized father figure.) If she sees her husband as just a big baby, she will feel put upon and used. A good relationship requires that the adult baby/husband makes sure that his wife knows that he loves her and would do anything as a MAN to protect her. Women are also more socially conventional and have a greater tendency to be less "adventuresome" in their relationships. Women want stability, and unusual relationships tend to frighten them, so there are far fewer women available who are willing to play the dual role of wife/Mommy.

Good luck finding a loving mommy, Pumpkin!
Hugs and Kisses,
Mama Jenn

Mama Jenn
thanks for the advice but i have so many questions cause well im kinda goingthrough a mini discovery and crisis at the same time...i am attracted to younger girls cause well i feel i fit in more and well i dont feel 21 neither look question is why would i feel that way and why is it that younger people easier accept the way we are and most of them feel the same talking age group 13-19

Dear Baby Boyblue,

You are most likely attracted to younger girls because they are less threatening because they have a maturity level that is closer to yours. And yes, adolescents commonly have fantasies about returning to babyhood, otherwise, why should there be so many comic books with that theme? So they would have a greater incidence of understanding among that group.

Mama feels compelled to warn you, Dear, that relations with minors are not only illegal in every state, but that they are viewed with positive revulsion by adult babies in general and by the adult baby community as a whole. Mama's advice to you if you feel compelled to have any sort of non-familial relation with someone who is underaged, to seek psychiatric counseling and therapy immediately! If you don't, you may unintentionally harm another person's emotional and intellectual growth as well as be prosecuted for violation of a number of criminal acts that were created to protect children. Were you to come before a jury composed entirely of adult babies with sufficient evidence that you had violated the child protection laws, the entire jury of adult babies would vote to convict with the longest sentence possible. Mama would also like you to know that in prison, child abusers have the lowest social rank and are subjected to daily beatings and rapes by other inmates. Murder of child abusers is very common in prisons and the inmate murderer is rarely identified.

Mama has a bad feeling that you are considering going down that slippery path. If you do, you will be destroyed. Not merely in a spiritual sense, but in the most real and ugly way that our society can make possible. Please, please think hard about your imaginings and proper conduct, Sweetiepie! There is nothing wrong with being an AB, but don't, please don't, bring minors into your fantasy life. If you can't shake your fantasies about minors and they become obsessive, you owe it to everyone to seek professional help before you make a mistake that can't be forgiven or rectified!

Hugs and Kisses,
Please take care of yourself, Baby!
Mama Jenn

hello Mama Jenn,
i wonder if you could help me with a problem i have with my sissy baby hubby,as you have gathered we are married ,we have been married some 17 years now for the last 10 babynik has been a big baby and has become quite a little girl baby and is constantly in a babified state. i know at times he finds it a little humilating but he has come to accept his role and mostly enjoys it .i know that baby luvs his mummy but one problem is he has now lost all his manly desires and is realy only good for peeing in his nappies.he knows that i miss sex very much and has suggested perhaps i could find satisfaction from a real man.i believe he is genuine and believs this could be the best option he even suggested a daddy could you please advise would this work out and can ab's accept their wives lovers/ as daddies.despite what baby thinks would this cause to much humilation.

Dear Mummy Sarah,

It's possible that your baby hubby could accept your lover as a daddy, but could your lover accept your baby hubby? I can foresee a number of possible outcomes, and almost all of them are disastrous. If you were to have a quiet affair where your lover never saw or met your hubby, your relationship with your hubby would have the best chance for survival. If your hubby knows a man who is aware of your hubby's lifestyle and condition and is friends with him, AND you and he are mutually sexually attracted to each other, it MIGHT work out. However, choosing a lover on the basis of being a Daddy to hubby is not really fair to you. Inevitably, either jealousy on the part of your lover, or your lover's attempts to humiliate and belittle your hubby in order to remove his rival for your attentions, would cause you and your hubby great pain in the end. I don't recommend having your lover as a Daddy in general because of the inherent dangers to your relationship. It's within the realm of possibility that it would work, but the odds are very heavily stacked against it.

Mama Jenn

Dear Mama Jenn
i have a problem hiding my secret cause well i dont know how really..i mean like i dont know its weird cause i want to tell somebody and i want a mommy like everybody else....i dont know i feel alone i guess, well my question is, how do you find a mommy?

Dearest Baby Boyblue,

Mama understands completely. It's natural and healthy that you should want to confide in someone, but it's also rational and sane to be aware that every woman is not accepting of an adult baby. Mama wants to assure you that your feelings are not weird or unusual. It's natural that you should feel alone, since there are very few support groups for adult babies. It's not as if there was a AB Milk Bar that you could go to in your city and find other AB friends immediately (like Gays can do in their bars). That's why our Website was created, to help people like you find other people to talk to and read about being an AB. Mama has answered the question before, but she will do it again for your sake. If you want a mommy who will be your wife, you have two choices, either find a woman who will accept your AB side in your own city, or use a personals column like ours or DPF's Babyclub registry to help you find someone.

Rather than try to find a woman to marry you and become your mommy, I suggest that you get a babysitter first and have an online mommy for awhile. There are resources on our Website that can help you find a babysitter or you can hire a service to find one for you.

DPF publishes a small manual on how to find a babysitter yourself, but I've reviewed it and found it very, very cold and calculating as well as more than a bit manipulative, at least in the initial (cataloging) techniques.

If you are looking for a woman who you might like an adult relationship as well as a baby relationship, I'd look for someone slightly older than yourself (as much as five to seven years), with some but not too much child care experience (especially not a professional nanny), and who is not in a managerial or executive position. A single or divorced woman in a somewhat stressful and low-paid skilled occupation like a secretary (or a dead-end job) who was a babysitter for the neighborhood as a teenager is an excellent prospect. A LPN or a LVN can be perfect if they don't regularly work in the nursery and have some experience dealing with incontinent male patients as well as being somewhat new to their profession. Nurses Aids who work in a nursing home are also good candidates because their lack of medical training does not always engender a clinical attitude. Oftentimes they think of their incontinent patients as big babies. Get them to talk about work and how they feel about their patients. You should be able to discover fairly quickly if they are good candidates for being a mommy to an adult baby. If you make enough money to support the two of you without her having to work, you are in an excellent position to take her away from the drudgery of her job and offer her a better lifestyle.

If you are average or lower than average in height for a male, sometimes a significant height difference with a taller woman can accentuate the difference between you and make her feel more maternal and dominant. Being well dressed is fine for a dinner date at an expensive restaurant, but being too well dressed all the time is a detriment. She needs to see some dress flaws so she will be comfortable "dressing" you. Being perfectly clean around her is an absolute MUST! Use of baby powder can set off strong maternal instincts. (Aromas are one of the most powerful means of evoking memories or associations.) Being vulnerable like weeping or outright crying when watching suitably weepy movies can be endearing. (Weep in a dark theatre and cry at home ONLY!) Don't drink or smoke heavily. Cuddle with her long before you start having a sexual relationship with her and continue cuddling with her forever afterwards. If you are a bedwetter, make sure that you bring or have a protective waterproof mattress cover and some sort of protective garment on before you sleep with her. Explain your medical problems that cause you to wet the bed.

DON'T EVER ASK ANYONE WHERE YOU WORK TO BE YOUR MOMMY OR WIFE! If the arrangement or marriage fails, you may loose your job!

One drawback of having a mommy with medical experience is that they tend to adopt a "clinical attitude" and aren't as loving (in a baby sense) to an adult baby as non-medical people. They tend to be less playful and "turn their feelings off" while changing an adult's diapers. While this is admirable in the professional sense, it's not much fun for the baby.

One AB that I know met a woman who was a RN with a strong, dominating personality and worked in OB/GYN and sometimes in the nursery. She was a parent and had raised a baby on her own. He was so emotionally attracted to her, that he married her. To his utter dismay, she told him after they were married that she hated taking care of both babies or men in the hospital and that the only patients that she wanted to deal with were women. His dreams of finding a mommy were dashed and the marriage went downhill after that.

Whoever you chose, break the news to her gently. Mama has addressed this aspect in detail in previous replies and won't repeat her long answers. They are in our archives. Remember that you have *special needs* and that you should be patient and considerate of your partner's needs before you bring up being an AB. Expect failure. At very, very, best, only about fourteen percent of the female population would ever consider being a part-time babysitter for you after using the pre-selection filtering criterion that I've given you. If marriage is to be considered, than the figure is significantly lower, hovering between .01% to 1% of the female population after the selection criterions are applied. Considering the extremely high divorce rate in the United States, it's apparent that most men (and women) do not know their partners well enough to get married. It's better to have a girlfriend dump you, than pay the high costs of divorce later on. Be honest.

If you want further tips after reading my earlier columns on how to break the news to your girlfriend, simply email me.

Love and Kisses,
Mama Jenn

dear mama jenn,
how can i simulate poo in my diaper?
baby j

Dear Baby J,
This question was asked back in May however I will repost Mama Jenn's reply since it has been awhile.

Dear Mama,
what would you suggest to fill diapers if the baby dosen't want to poo himself yet still have the feeling like he did?

Dear Little Markie,
Mama didn't know the answer to your question, so she asked her baby Stuie if he knew. From his answer (Mama won't subject you to his babytalk), there is only one safe substance that is nearly universally used to simulate a baby's poo-poo in a diaper by AB's who don't like messing in their panties, i.e., a freshly peeled banana! Stuie assures me that everyone who has tried it says it has the right "feel" both in diaper "weight" and in "slipperiness.". (He likes to make real poopies in his diapees.) Of course, clean up of the banana is a breeze and any pseudo-excrement that you don't wipe clean when you change your diaper won't produce a skin rash later.

Important Note from Mama Jenn: Beware!! Mosquitoes are attracted to the smell of bananas from as much as one-half mile away. Make sure that your environment is completely mosquito-free. In other words, close the windows and don't try filling your diapers with bananas outdoors!)

You can get more diaper stuffing ideas from Sally Brown's diaper stuffing page.

Have fun with your diapers, Markie!
Mama Jenn

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